Create A Digital Bookkeeping System In OnBook

Creating a digital bookkeeping system right from the beginning is a step that we highly recommend. Paper is becoming irrelevant and reducing it in your work place can increase efficiency. Below are a few reasons that you may want to create a digital bookkeeping system in OnBook.

5 Reasons Your Small Business Should Switch to Digital Bookkeeping

In the 21st century, it would be an understatement to say technology and the internet have made running a business easier. With all this useful innovation at your fingertips, why would you continue to perform essential tasks such as bookkeeping the old-fashioned way? Maybe because you’re already drowning in a flood of paperwork and the utter thought of organizing and scanning each document seems like a petrifying endeavor. Or perhaps you’re just a creature of habit and afraid a drastic change might disrupt the flow of your business. There are undeniable advantages, however, to convert your paper documents into electronic files. Here’s why digital bookkeeping is right for your business.

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Increased Efficiency

Security will always be a top priority in every decision we make, and we incorporate multiple layers of protection, using the most reliable.

Save Money

Think about all of the expenses that come with traditional, manual bookkeeping – printers, copiers, fax machines, ink, and of course paper.

Environmental Friendliness

According to The World Counts, 50% of the waste from businesses is composed of paper. Plus, paper accounts for 25% of land fill waste and 33% of municipal waste.

Less Clutter = More Space

If you’re the kind of business owner who has rows of file cabinets along the walls of your office, you may want to consider the adage “less is more.”

Keep Documents Safe from Disasters

You never know when life will surprise you – and not in a good way.

Digital Is Better For An Audit

One thing about the IRS is that they don't care if you lose a paper invoice or the receipt fades.

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